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Student work shorlisted for the Ffresh Award: Student Moving Image Festival Of Wales.

Second year SCSM documentary project has been shortlisted in the factual category at Ffresh, the Student Moving Image Festival Of  Wales. Congratulations to John Evans, Mat Owen and Mihai Tarmure for  their work on the production "Luck".

The festival takes place 8-12 Feburary, and the final results will be  announced then.

Commment from one of the jurors who was involved in the selection:

"I was honoured to judge this competition, overwhelmed as I was by the  quality of the entrants and the sophistication of the film making. The  calibre of storytelling, direction and cinematography was very high.

"It's great to see such variation and diversity from classic gag based  shorts to Children's series pilots to documentary and even feature  quality VFX work. Style-wise as well there was a feast of delights;  classic stopframe and 2D, mixed media and wonderful use of CGI; taking  it away from the dreadful plasticy emulation of life that the computer  spits out and crafting it into something with warmth and humanity. It  was very difficult to compare such an array of brazen talent and arrive
at the final five and it is very encouraging to see that British  animation is alive and flourishing in every direction!"

Dyddiad cyhoeddi: 11 Ionawr 2012