Marine Conservation and Resource Management Research Group

The Marine conservation and resource management group at Bangor University has a long history of world leading research.

Our research focuses on how anthropogenic disturbances such as exploitation, invasive species and climate change affect marine ecosystems, and how to best manage and protect these ecosystems.

Our research employs a wide range of techniques, from modelling and analyses of large datasets, laboratory studies, ship-based work on our research vessel Prince Madog to expeditions on remote coral atolls. We are well-funded with >£15M in research income over the past 10 years from a large variety of sources, including the EU, Research Councils, DEFRA and charities.

Current research focuses on how fisheries affect ecosystems and how these impacts can be mitigated, on how climate change affects marine ecosystems, the impacts of invasive species, and on gaining a greater understanding of how biodiversity underpins ecosystem services. Apart from generating excellent scientific papers, the applied nature of our research also means that we have societal impact, and this is reflected by the fact that our impact case studies were judged to have 4* elements in the 2014 REF.