Professor Hilary Kennedy
BSc (Essex) MSc (Strath) PhD (Leeds)

Photograph of Prof Hilary Kennedy


I am a professor in Chemical Oceanography. I completed a B.Sc in biological chemistry at the University of Essex, a MSc in Forensic Science at Strathclyde University and a PhD at Leeds University. My PhD thesis was entitled “Diagenesis in deep sea sediments with special reference to iodine”. After a postdoctoral position at the Bullard Laboratoies, University of Cambridge, I took up my current position here at Bangor.

Research Interests

My research interests are focussed on the use of stable isotopes (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur) in tracing biogeochemical process and in validating the use of tracers for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. In the seagrass meadows of Asia and Europe stable isotopes are being applied to trace both the source of organic matter to the sediments and to the local food web; to validate their use as indicators of changes in nutrient loading to the coastal environment and to determine the impact of anoxic conditions on the health of seagrass meadows. I am also interested in the importance of seagrass meadows as coastal carbon sinks. In Antarctica, the spatiotemporal variations in stable isotope composition (13C and 15N) of sea ice algae and open water plankton are being used to examine how the extreme environment of Antarctica can affect the biogeochemical pathways for carbon and nitrogen. In more local studies I have been involved in calibration (experimental and field) studies of marine molluscs to determine their utility and validity in palaeo-reconstruction. This is being expanded to include the study of foraminifers, especially in polar waters. I also have a more general interest in sediment diagenesis and use both the elemental and isotopic records in sedimentary pore waters to determine benthic remineralisation and fluxes.

Research Groups

Research Themes

Research Grants Awarded

2000-2004: Monitoring And Managing of European Seagrass Beds M&Ms EU (Contract EVK3-CT-2000-00044). £198,045

2001-2002: Using large ice tanks to study the biology and chemistry of sea ice. NERC Small Research Grant. NER/B/S/2000/00659 (with D.Thomas, SOS). £36,012.

1998-2001: Holocene palaeoceanography of shelf seas: long-term (103-104 years) seasonal stratification dynamics' NERC: GR3/11467 (with J. Scourse, SOS and W.E.N.Austin, Durham). £153,937

1998-2001: Application of stable isotope techniques to biogeochemical processes in the marine environment: from paleo to present. NERC-JREI: GR3/E0068. £59,679.

1997-2000: Carbon cycling at the deep ocean boundary layer. NERC-BENBO thematic programme GST/02/1754 (with D.Thomas, SOS). £174,680.

1997-2000 Prediction of the resilience and recovery of disturbed coastal communities in the tropics (PREDICT). EU – INCO programme (Contract IC18-CT98-0292) £56,525.

1998-1999: Organic matter production within, and export from Antarctic sea ice platelet layers. NERC Small Research Grant. GR9/3309 (with D. Thomas, SOS) £16,575.

1994 -1999: The use of modelling techniques to assess the nature of carbon acquisition of marine phytoplankton. NERC:GST021071 Plankton Reactivity in the Marine Environment (PRIME) thematic programme £152,934

1997-1999: Quantification of the active N-flux caused by the diel vertical migration of zooplankton. (with G.Hays, PJLeBWilliams and K. Flynn) University of Wales £11,140

1997-1998: Biogeochemistry of Antarctic sea ice. NERC Small Research Grant. GR9/02894 (with D.Thomas, SOS) £24,703.

1988-1993: The use of variations in 15N, 13C natural abundance to study biological cycling and fluxes in the ocean. NERC Biogeochemical Fluxes in the Oceans BOFS thematic programme. GST/02/303. £71,842
1990-93: Structure and function of coastal ecosystems. EU (with P.J. leB Williams,SOS) £133,290


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