Dr Simon P. Neill

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Biography, etc.

I am a reader in shelf sea modelling at the School of Ocean Sciences, specialising in simulating the wave and tidal energy resource, and understanding sediment transport processes. I was awarded a BEng in Civil Engineering from the University of Dundee (1997), and a PhD in estuarine dynamics from the University of Strathclyde (2002). I have been at the School of Ocean Sciences since 2001 where I initially worked as a research fellow on various projects. I was appointed as a research lecturer in 2006, lecturer in 2013, senior lecturer in 2014 and reader in 2017

Research Interests

I investigate a wide range of oceanographic processes at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. My research methods are a combination of numerical models and ship-based observations, and I would estimate the ratio as around 70:30 in favour of modelling. My main area of research these days tends to be marine renewable energy. I quantify the wave and tidal resource over a range of (spatial and temporal) scales, and simulate the environmental impact of extracting energy from the oceans. I couple oceanographic models with atmospheric forcing, and apply much of my modelling to the study of sediment dynamics and morphodynamics. I also simulate how shelf sea processes have varied over the recent geological past, and how inter-annual and inter-seasonal variability in the climate affects the dispersal and large-scale connectivity of marine organisms such as larvae and jellyfish.


Research Groups

Research Themes

Research Grants Awarded

Sêr Cymru NRN-LCEE (Neill, Masters, O’Doherty) QUOTIENT - Quantification, optimisation, and environmental impacts of marine renewable energy (2015-2018). £506,873

Santander Mobility Grant (Neill) Marine renewable energy visit to Instituto Superior Technico, Lisbon (2014). £857

EPSRC standard grant EP/J010200/1 (O'Doherty, Neill, et al.) The effects of realistic tidal flows on the performance and structural integrity of tidal stream turbines (2012-2015). £1,389,372

Fujitsu/HPC Wales (Neill) Feedback between tidal stream array operation and the marine environment - PhD studentship (2012-2016). £75,000

European Fishery Fund (Kaiser, LeVay, McCarthy, Hiddink, Neill) Sustainable use of fisheries resources in Welsh waters (2012-2015). £2,503,000

Fujitsu/HPC Wales (Hashemi, Neill, Robins, Jago) Simulating the impacts of climate change on estuarine dynamics using an integrated catchment-to-coast model - PhD studentship (2012-2015). £70,100

NRW - Ecosystem Resilience Fund (Davies, Neill, et al.) Drivers of change and the connectivity of Sabellaria alveolata reefs within Wales (2013-2014) £89,000

Welsh European Funding Office (Neill, Davies, et al.) Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) Marine (2010-2013). £538,559

Welsh Crucible (Neill, Grimstead) Simulating the impacts of climate change on the coastal zone: putting the end-user in the driving seat (2011-2012). £5,752

Welsh Crucible (Gil, Neill, et al.) Development of a new sustainable elastomeric energy harvester for marine environments (2011-2012). £9,000

Santander Mobility Grant (Neill) Marine renewable energy visit to University of Santiago de Compostela (2011). £1,000

NERC standard grant NE/G020302/1 (Jago, Baas, Kennedy, Neill). Impacts of hydrological variability on material transfers through the River-Estuary Transition Zone (2009-2012). £592,776

INTERREG IVA (Malham, Neill, et al.) Shellfish productivity in the Irish Sea: working towards a sustainable future - SUSFISH (2009-2013). £638,602

NERC directed grant NE/F001266/1 (Creer, Hiddink, Neill). Sequencing the meiofaunal metagenome of the marine/freshwater interface in key estuarine ecosystems (2008-2011). £66,581

NERC urgency grant NE/E011268/1 (Hiddink, Carvahlo, Gascoigne, Kaiser, Neill). Recovery of benthic invertebrate communities and fishery overspill effects in newly created marine reserves (2007-2008). £281,251


Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Goward-Brown, A.J., Neill, S.P. and Lewis, M.J. (2017)
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View website

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View website

Neill, S.P., Yang, Z. and Hashemi, M.R. (2017)
Special issue: Wave and tidal resource characterization. Renewable Energy 114A, 1-2.
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Piano M, Neill SP, Lewis MJ,Robins PE, Hashemi MR, Davies AG, Ward SL, Roberts MJ. (In press)
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(Open access)
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Additional Publications

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