Dr Cai Ladd

Research Officer

I am a NERC post-doctoral researcher on the C-SIDE project. My research focuses on the interaction between organisms and the physical environment that are responsible for shaping landscapes. My current research project with C-SIDE aims to quantify vertical carbon accretion rates in UK saltmarshes and to determine the responsible drivers in the context of coastal and climate change. My research history includes:

  1. Identifying the patterns and drivers of saltmarsh erosion/expansion in estuaries.
  2. Reviewing climate change threats and potential mitigation strategies for UK saltmarsh management.
  3. Understanding the interaction between plant growth and soil properties that determine soil erosion rates in saltmarshes.

My role in C-SIDE is to synthesise existing data on saltmarsh carbon stock across the UK, identify predictors of soil carbon stock, and link key predictors with national datasets to estimate total carbon stocks across UK marshes.

E-mail: c.ladd@bangor.ac.uk

Dr Cai Ladd