Dr Margot Saher

Photograph of Dr Margot Saher


Margot Saher completed a MSc in geology, and a PhD in palaeoclimatology, working with Prof. D. Kroon, at the Free University in Amsterdam. She then worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø. Following that she moved to the UK to work on the NERC-funded project "North Atlantic sea-level variability during the last half-millennium" at Plymouth University, on and the iGlass project at the universities of Plymouth and York. She started at Bangor University in April 2014, as a part of BRITICE-CHRONO project.

Research Interests

The general scope of Margot Saher's research is climate change, on many timescales and in many environments. She is interested in how the various aspects of the climate system, such as atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns, land- and sea ice, sea level, and the marine ecosystem interact. The focus of Margot Saher's research is foraminifera, and their use as a tool for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. She has used stable oxygen isotopes and trace metal analysis on planktonic foraminifera as a proxy for the strength of the Indian Monsoon over Milankovitch time scales, and benthic foraminifera assemblage changes in the Barents Sea as an indication of the effect of anthropogenic warming. She also used the environmental preferences of various species of benthic foraminifera as a tool for reconstructing sea-level changes. At Bangor University, she will use foraminifera both as a tool for dating and for environmental reconstruction, tracing the edge of the vanishing British-Irish Ice Sheet.


Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

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Saher, M.H., Gehrels, W.R., Barlow, N.L.M., Long, A.J., Haigh, I.D. and Blaauw, M. (2015)
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