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What some of our former students have to say:

"Completing an MSc course in Health Education and Health Promotion at Bangor University has laid excellent foundations for my career in research. The lectures were extremely informative and the learning facilities brilliant".

Anne Krayer
Researcher, Bangor University

"It is really excellent!! The lecturers were extremely knowledgeable which was clear from their teaching methods and their communication skills, they were also very helpful. The learning facilities are vey easy for students to access and provide an excellent service. I will use the knowledge I have gained from this course in my future field of practice and have confidence that it will benefit my career".

Seow Tien Yeo
International Student, Malaysia

"The atmosphere and the wide variety of programmes allowed me to grow academically. I would like to thank all my tutors for their high standard of educational skill and friendly support."

Miao Zhang
International Student, China