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The Wrexham Campus

Charelle Tilley - Midwifery

Charelle is from Rhyl. She's studying Midwifery at Bangor University. Charelle tells us about her time at Bangor as a student and her role in the Midwifery Society.

Gareth Barnes - Adult Nursing

Gareth Barnes is originally from Belfast. He's studying Adult Nursing at Wrexham Archimedes Centre - Bangor University. Gareth tells us about his time at Wrexham as a student.

Andrea Thomas - Midwifery

Andrea Thomas, originally from Switzerland, tells us about her life studying Midwifery at Bangor University.

Alice Vicario - Midwifery - Erasmus Programme

Alice, from Rome, describes her Midwifery Erasmus placement, set up by Bangor University, with the Midwifery Led Unit in Welshpool, Powys.