Buying Annual Leave

The University is committed to supporting employees to achieve a healthy balance between their work and personal lives, this is in the best interests of the University and the well-being of individual employees. This policy outlines the option and process for buying additional leave and builds on the existing leave provisions available to employees.

The Staff Survey undertaken in 2012 indicated that work-life balance of staff members is generally good, the University has however identified further improvements that can be made to its overall provision in this area.

In December 2013 the policy was converted to a salary sacrifice arrangement, making the buying of additional leave an even more affordable option for staff members. This benefit is now run in partnership with P&MM Ltd and staff members will undertake the application process directly with P&MM, and this can be done over the telephone or on-line (the benefit being referred to as ‘Holiday Plus’). Please click here which will take you directly to the P&MM site. Should you experience any difficulty in gaining access please e-mail

The scheme is available to Bangor University staff members only.

The scheme will be open again:

  • from the 1st to the 31st January
  • from the 1st July to the 31st July
  • from 1st October to the 31st October

Please note the online calculator will not show the correct amount until the scheme is open. If you use the calculator before the scheme is open, please revisit the calculator on the first day the scheme opens to get an accurate costing.