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Fees 2020–21 – Tir na n-Og

Please see below for the new fee structure which is updated on an annual basis in September.

Morning session (includes lunch)
Afternoon session
per Day
per Week

Salary exchange can save a basic rate tax payer 29.4% of their childcare costs and can save a higher rate tax payer 41% of their childcare costs. Actual savings are made through reduced tax and national insurance deductions.

Childcare costs are based upon 45 week period – 45 weeks being the typical number of working weeks in a year

Please note, preference is given to staff requiring a full-time place, thereafter staff requiring less than 10 sessions per week will be considered. Irrespective of how many childcare sessions are required per week, it will be assumed that you will utilise the Nursery for the full year of 45 working weeks i.e., it will not be possible under this arrangement to estimate current costs based on a lower number of weeks e.g., just to cover school term or holiday dates.

If you have any questions regarding this scheme, please contact:

Bethan Williams , HR Assistant, on: (01248) 388132 / OR
Gareth Owen, HR Officer, on: (01248) 382058 /

Enquiries about the Nursery should be directed to the Nursery Manager on (01248) 388383.

For the purpose of these arrangements, parental responsibility means having all rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and the property of the child.

You will be liable for any differences between nursery fees and the amount exchanged through the scheme.