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Staff Handbook

This handbook aims to signpost staff to information most commonly requested by members of staff.

What is the history of Bangor University?

Founded in 1884, Bangor University has a long tradition of academic excellence and a strong focus on the student experience. For information on the history of the University, please click here.

Where can I find information on strategy, governance & structure?

Click this link for further information.

How can I find information about HR policies and procedures?

The Human Resources department have a suite of policies available on this webpage.

Where can I find out about working hours and annual leave?

Information on working hours and annual leave entitlement can be found here.

Where can I find information on salary, pensions and expenses?

The University's pay scales are published on this webpage.

Information on pensions is available here.

Information on expenses, including travel and subsistence, is available here.

Where can I find information about development opportunities for staff?

You will find information about development opportunities that are relevant to your role, the types of training and development that the University provides and information about the Performance Development Review Scheme on the Staff Development website.

Where can I find Equality & Diversity information?

Bangor University aims to provide an environment which respects and values the positive contribution of all its members so enabling them to achieve their full potential and to gain benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in the life of the University. For more information, visit the Equality & diversity webpages.

What does the University do to support staff members with families?

The University has a suite of policies designed to support staff members with families. Details can be found here.

There is also an on-site nursery facility (Tir na n-Og). The Nursery is open to all, including university students and staff and members of the public.

How can I find information about Health & Safety in the workplace?

Information is available on the Health & Safety website.

Where can I find help to deal with work-life stressors, family issues, financial concerns, relationship problems, and other wider concerns?

We offer all an Employee Assistance Programme (Care First). Care first employ professionally qualified Counsellors and Information Specialists, who are experienced in helping people to deal with all kinds of practical and emotional issues such as Wellbeing, family matters, relationships, debt management, workplace issues, and much more. It is available to staff members and their families and aims to have a positive impact on their wellbeing.

The University also benefits from having an on-site Occupational Health Practitioner.

I am interested in the Cycle to Work Scheme, how do I find out more?

See our Cycle to Work Scheme webpages for further information.

What other benefits are available for staff?

A summary of the benefits available to staff is available here.

More detailed information can be found here (access to current staff only).

What facilities and societies are available to staff?

  • Sporting Facilities
  • University Chorus - Students and staff from across the University are welcome to join the University Chorus. For more information, contact Bethan Brown in the School of Music (2181, - for more information click here.
  • University Symphony Orchestra - If you would like to join the orchestra, please contact Bethan Brown in the School of Music (2181, - for more information click here.
  • Bird Group - The Bird Group meets on Wednesdays, 7.30pm during term time in Room 101, Tha Management Centre, College Road. The group is open to staff, students and the public and holds an excellent range of lectures as well as field trips which are held at weekends.
  • Free Welsh language courses - The University offers members of staff the opportunity to learn Welsh free of charge. A range of courses are held - for more information click here.
  • Opportunities for part-time study - The University offers staff many opportunities to continue their further education free of charge or at reduced rates at the School of Education. For more information, click here.
  • Library Card for staff - Information about the facilities available at the University libraries can be found here

Where can I find information about Trade Unions?

The University recognised three Trade Unions:

What information is available on legal compliance issues?

Information is available on the Governance & Compliance webpages