Unit 4 Business World (formerly Agresso)

Log in to U4BW

Contract Processing through U4BW

Accessing HR & Payroll Reports

  • Log in to U4BW and select the Reports menu from the section at the bottom left of screen
  • Next, navigate through the tree menu above from Global Reports to either the HR or Payroll report folders - the reports should then be visable under these folders.
  • For all the reports, the data security is mirrored from your Finance access in that only staff costed to your projects / cost centres will be visible to you.
  • Reports HR01, HR02, HR04, HR05 can be run without changing the report parameters but they can be used as an optional filter to allow reporting by grade / age / staff category etc.
  • Reports HR03 and HR06 should not be run directly from the menu but via the link provided in the HR02 or HR05 reports.

Depending on your access permissions, the reports available to you listed in the following links:

If you are new to using Agresso Self-Service reports or are not familar with HR and Payroll information, then please contact hr-systems@bangor.ac.uk so you can be included on any demonstrations or training sessions which may be run in due course.

Please send any queries, problems or enhancement requests (especially any functionality from UWBmis you require that is no longer available) to agressohelpdesk@bangor.ac.uk.