Summary of the Scheme


  • The aim of the scheme is to recruit the most aspiring clinical academics of the future in ANY specialty.
  • The eight-year scheme provides a balance between clinical training and academic training.
  • Each WCAT Lectureship provides training from entry (at CT2/ST2 or above) through to competency based CCT.  It includes a fully funded full time 3-year PhD Training Fellowship and a period of clinical training with dedicated academic time in the latter Lecturer years.  Formal supervision and mentorship will be provided.  The aim is to equip trainees with the range of knowledge and skills required to compete as independent investigators in the modern area of translational research.  Graduates from the WCAT scheme will be ideally placed to build and lead research from “bench to bedside.”
  • Applications are invited from clinicians interested in developing an academic career in ANY specialty including medical education (to PhD level alongside a clinical specialty).  Applicants should typically be in a Core (CT1/CT2) or Specialty Training programme (ST1/ST2/ST3/ST4) in their chosen specialty at the time of application, however consideration will be given to those at more advanced stages of training who are committed to an academic career.
  • Whilst for the majority of applicants the first year of the WCAT Fellowship will be spent undertaking a combination of clinical training (80%) and preparation for a PhD (20%), in special circumstances outstanding candidates who have not benefited from an introduction to research (e.g. during an intercalated BSc Course) may be supported to undertake a full time MRes in year 1 with the aim of then progressing to a PhD.  For more senior trainees, and at the discretion of the appointing panel, candidates may commence their PhD fellowship in year 1 of the Lectureship.
  • Information enquiries may be addressed to