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Research News: March 2013

Caring for Foster parents so that they are better placed to care for the children

Parenting has its own stresses and its own rewards, but as the UK faces a crisis in the numbers of foster parents available, one university is finding ways to improve personal well-being and reduce the stress-levels of those currently working in that role.

Publication date: 21 March 2013

Bangor University to lead £1.2 million Dementia and visual Arts project

Bangor University is to lead one of a number of projects that will see university researchers, community groups and national charities and trusts working together to explore community health and wellbeing, community engagement and mobilisation.  The University has been awarded a Large Grant in the Cultures, Health & Well-Being theme, one of five Connected Communities Programme themes which share funding in excess of £7m.

Publication date: 14 March 2013

Research search for ‘invisible’ carers

There are thought to be over 70,000 people with a learning disability living in Wales today and yet only 12,000 or so are known to social services. This would, therefore, appear to indicate that many tens of thousands of people with a learning disability are living with family carers. 

Publication date: 13 March 2013

Bangor Psychology Students 'Pitch' up just short after fantastic effort in Cardiff

Two teams of Consumer Psychology masters students went to Cardiff  recently to participate in the Chartered Institute of Marketing's "Pitch" competition. The teams were: "The Three Marketeers" (Jamie Muir, Will Morgan, Manuel Calatrava Conesa) and "The National Thrust" (James Gudgeon, James Gillespie, Bryan Walls).

Publication date: 6 March 2013