Biological Safety

Who should participate?

Persons intending to use hazard group 2 organisms or genetically modified organisms who do not have previous relevant experience.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer courses to non-Bangor University staff.

The aim of the workshop

To provide participants with an understanding of the legislation governing the use of hazardous and genetically modified organisms and safe working practices for handling such organisms.

Benefits of attending

At the end of the sesion you should be able to:

1) identify sources of hazardous agents
2) understand the principles of the COSHH and Contained use of Genetically Modified Organisms Regulations
3) complete Risk and COSHH assessments for use of hazardous or Genetically modified organsisms
4) understand the principles of safe working practices for biohazards


1) Sources of biological agents
2) Relevant legislation and University Policies
3) COSHH assessments
4) Risk assessment for creation or use of Genetically modified organisms
5) Safe working practices
6) Storage, transport and disposal of hazardous agents
7) Health surveillance


1 day

Learning Methods

Tutorial, question and answer session, laboratory tours.


This course is not assessed.

Course Dates

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