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Deans of Colleges / Directors of Services

What am I responsible for?

The University Health and Safety Policy states that Deans of Colleges / Directors of Professional Services are responsible for the day to day management of health and safety in their College / Service. In particular they are responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring and reviewing of measures to control risks arising from the activities of their College or Professional Service.  They must also ensure resources are allocated as required. 

Deans and Directors may appoint a Health and Safety Co-ordinator and can arrange for duties to be further delegated (to Heads of Schools for example), as appropriate. However, the responsibility for the activities will always remain with the Dean of College / Director of Services and thereafter hierarchically with The Executive, the Vice-Chancellor and the University Council. Just as with any management accountability.  

The Dean of College or Head of Department is responsible for implementing and monitoring an effective health and safety management system so the College / Department complies fully with the University Health and Safety Policy and all significant hazards and risks must be suitably assessed and controlled to ensure legal compliance and to ensure no one is harmed. 

The Dean of College or Director of Professional Services will also supplement the University Health and Safety Policy with a written College or Departmental Health and Safety Policy & Procedures document. This document shall indicate clearly how health and safety is managed within the College / Department and how duties are delegated to ensure its success.  

Deans and Directors (other than the Director of Property and Campus Services) are not responsible for a buildings fabric or services or for the external areas around buildings. However, the Dean/Director should establish suitable controls to ensure the safety of all persons under his / her control and for ensuring that faults or problems associated with the building fabric and / or services are brought to the attention of Property and Campus Services.