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Deans of Colleges / Directors of Services

Isn't central Health and Safety or Governance & Compliance responsible for health and safety?

Put simply, NO. The central Health and Safety team are not responsible for health and safety as it does not have managerial control of your College / Professional Service. 

The law makes is clear that individuals and organisations have collective and personal responsibility for health and safety and the University's Health and Safety Policy reiterates this by identifying responsibilities throughout the Institution. As the adage goes"those who create the risk - own the risk" i.e. the College / Professional Service that creates or engages in potential risks or dangers must manage and control those.

Health and Safety staff at Governance & Compliance, Corporate Services, provide advice and support to the University and its Colleges, Schools and Professional Services which is independent of any budgetary or political pressure.  This is essential for impartial health and safety advice to be given and is crucial to the success of the University's health and safety management system.

The primary purpose of the small central team of H&S professionals is to support and help and seek to ensure we all work towards safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of our staff and students.