Information for staff

Firstly, health and safety should not be used to stop you from doing what you need to do – it should be integral to enabling you to do it, safely.

We really hope to dispel any myth or experiences from elsewhere that health and safety only says ‘NO’.  Before talking about any of the ‘responsibilities’ ‘duties’ ‘obligations’ ‘requirements’ please take a look at the Staff Health and Safety (H&S) Handbook, and for more detail on health and safety across specific subject areas the A – Z Link. 

Both provide information to help you look after your health, safety and well-being when working at the University.  The A – Z Link is a particularly useful navigation tool to help you plan what you want to do safely and eliminates, hopefully in most cases, the pre-conceived idea that because a risk exists you can’t do it.

When you first start at the University you should be invited to a University Staff Induction arranged by Human Resources.  Your College / Service should then also provide you with the following:

  • A H&S Induction which should cover:

    • Who your local H&S Contact is

    • Local health, safety and environmental arrangements e.g. Training needs, Local Rules, Risk Assessments, Safe Operating Procedures.

    • Emergency arrangements and who to report concerns to

Yes, the University does owe a duty to each and every member of staff, individually and collectively, but we also owe a duty to each other and to ourselves. As a member of staff you are essential to the success of the University and helping show its commitment to ensuring no one is made ill or harmed because of what we do.

If after taking a look through the A- Z Link you are still unsure of anything, or would like to come and see us please don't hesitate to get in touch.