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Deans of Colleges / Directors of Services

Am I responsible for buildings too?

You are generally not responsible for anything to do with buildings which your College / Service occupy or for building services (such as electrical supplies to the socket and water to the tap); these are the responsibility of Property & Campus Services (PACS). The Director of PACS is responsible for the overall management, design and maintenance of the University's estate.

However, the way in which your College / Service operates within the building and how it uses the building is your responsibility, as is the general duty to look after the building so that nobody is put in danger.

Colleges and Professional services are expected to operate safely within a building. Colleges / Service must ensure that what they do within a building is suitable for the building and that all risks are assessed to ensure everyone's health and safety.

Building users should work with PACS to ensure that everyone is safe and that those building services are used safely and without risk. Some 'testing' obligations for fire alarms and emergency lighting are placed upon predominant building users; further information on these can be obtained from Property and Campus Services.