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Deans of Colleges / Directors of Services

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In-light of recent organisational changes this website requires updating. However, the advice provided can still be read in context and remains pertinent.

Managing Health and Safety

As a Dean of College or Director of Professional Service you will be very busy and people will have immense expectations of you and you may feel health and safety only adds to your list of responsibilities. 

This website and the Guide for Deans and Heads aims to help Deans of Colleges, Heads of Schools and Professional Services manage health and safety by providing information you will normally need on a day to day basis. Health and Safety Services will be there to help, assist and support you with developing your health and safety systems; please contact Gareth if you need any help or would like to discuss what can be done to help you manage risks in a sensible manner.

The site is based on a simple Q&A type format with links, if needed, to other sites which can provide you with more detailed and relevant information.

For further information on health and safety you can either browse this website or for help and assistance contact Health and Safety Services on 01248 383847 or email Health and Safety