Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Training for Staff

Training for Staff

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Coronavirus all first aid courses at Medi-Tec have been suspended until further notice.

We do not offer courses to non-Bangor University staff / students.

People often think of Health and Safety as ‘using your common sense’, but what we forget is that common sense sometimes has to be learnt.

We provide a range of courses and briefing sessions, relevant to an individual’s working environment and role. Some courses are compulsory for example the Induction and Safe Use of Computers as they provide information and guidance on the standards staff and the University have to meet. Attendance on other courses is usually optional.

In addition, we also provide topic specific training, appropriate to an individual and their role e.g. radiation, biological hazards etc. But, whatever the training, it is designed to meet the individual’s needs in an engaging, informative and productive manner.

How can I arrange / attend a workshop?
To organise a course for your College / Department or to attend a scheduled course (individuals must first get approval from their manager to attend) please contact us on 3847 or email us at

First Aid Training - Please click on this link to access the course dates and enrolment form.