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Deans of Colleges / Directors of Services

Why Health and Safety?

The University does not accept someone has to become ill or has to suffer pain or injury because of its undertakings; indeed the University expects nobody suffers as a result of its activities.

There are moral and legal obligations in health and safety but also there is the socio-economic benefit of operating a good health and safety system. 

Effective management of health and safety risks will help:

  • Maximise the well-being and productivity of people working for your College / Professional Service.
  • Stop people becoming ill, getting injured or even killed through work activities.
  • Improve the University's reputation in the eyes of students, potential employees and other stakeholders and the wider community.
  • Avoid damaging effects on turnover, public image and quality assurance.
  • Reduce the likelihood of serious business disruption through a major incident.
  • Minimise the likelihood of prosecution and consequent penalties.
  • Avoid bad publicity and loss of confidence.

Strong leadership is vital in delivering effective health and safety risk control. Everyone should know - and believe - that you, as the Dean of College / Director of Professional Services, are committed to health and safety and continuous improvement in performance. You may need to explain your expectations, and how your organisation and procedures will deliver these. Your statement of Health and Safety Policy and arrangements should be a living document, devised in consultation with your staff, brought to the attention of all your staff and students and reviewed and revised as situations change eg changes in legislation or work practices.