Audits and Reports

This section contains copies of recent Audit and Review Reports produced by Health and Safety Services.

Annual Reports

Each year a full report is produced by Health and Safety Services on the University's performance in areas of health and safety. These Reports are considered by the University's Health and Safety Committee and are received by Council.

Annual Reports are available to view here.

College/Departmental H&S Audit Reports

The College and Departmental Health and Safety Audit Reports are available here.

The following audit reports are available are avilable for Bangor Staff & Students only:

  • Chemical Safety in Teaching at School of Chemistry 2013
  • College of Arts and Humanities - 2013
  • College of Health and Behavioural Sciences - 2012
  • College of Natural Sciences - 2011
  • College of Physical and Applied Sciences - 2011
  • College of Business, Social Sciences and Law - 2011
  • The Management Centre - 2011
  • Students' Union 2008
  • Human Resources 2008
  • Catering Services 2008

Themed (Hazard/Activity) Reports

Reports produced by Health and Safety Services on service provisions and themes/subjects