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Work and Health

Work should be a healthy activity and where hazards exist, it makes sense to look after yourself and prevent the likelihood of a work-related illness. The term work-related tends to be used for health problems that are either caused or aggravated by work. These may be psychological or physical in nature.

The effect of work on our mental health involves many factors including the physical environment for work (noise, space, temperature, work station design), the work you do (physical, sedentary, repetitive) and the nature of your job (hours of work, shifts and work load). 

In the event of personal problems there are a number of sources of help and support available for staff. These include:

Community Advice & Listening Line 0800 132737
Harassment Advisors  
Human Resources Ext 3865
EAP - a confidential and independent source of support  
UCU Trade Union  
Unison Trade Union  
UNITE Trade Union  

Also below are some handy leaflets regarding work and your health: