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Deans of Colleges / Directors of Services

The University Council

As the legal employer the University Council has ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of staff, students and other people affected by the University's activities. The University Council is advised in these matters by the University Health and Safety Committee.  

The duties, leadership and overseeing roles of Council are described in the University Health and Safety Policy.

The Council delegates managerial duties and responsibilities to senior managers of the University who, in turn, have a responsibility to ensure that these are carried out.  The Vice-Chancellor, as the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the executive management of health and safety.  

In giving responsibility for the management of resources etc. to senior staff, the University Council thereby also delegates a duty to consider the health and safety implications of management decisions that are taken.  In particular, the University Council requires those in such senior positions to oversee those areas and activities of the University that operate under their control or direction to satisfy themselves that due regard is paid to the requirements of the University Health and Safety Policy and its Policy Standards.

Reference to health and safety performance is provided to the University Council annually. The Council is advised on health and safety matters by the University Health and Safety Committee which meets three times per year.