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The dangers from exposure to asbestos particles is well documented, with historical exposure said to kill more people than any other single work-related cause. All types of asbestos can be hazardous if disturbed, with danger particularly arising when asbestos fibres become airborne to form a very fine dust (which is often invisible) and can be inhaled unknowingly by people.

Many of the University's buildings are of an age where asbestos materials will be present. To safeguard you, the University has a comprehensive management plan and policy in place for all known asbestos materials and for work that may accidentally disturb asbestos.

University Policy Standard and Information on Asbestos

  • University Policy Standard: Control of Asbestos

    This Policy, currently under review (January - March 2020) sets out who's responsible for what and what is required of the University and its Colleges and Professional Services with regards to asbestos management and control.

    The Policy is complemented by a detailed Asbestos Management Plan; this Plan is 'owned' by Property and Campus Services and details various arrangements and processes employed to manage asbestos.
  • University's Asbestos Management Plan (currently under review - January 2020)

General Information

The HSE has a wealth of information on asbestos, some of which can be downloaded from the links below. Please access these sites to find out more or contact Property and Campus Services direct.

Local Waste Sites that take Residential Asbestos

There are a number of locations which will take asbestos products that you may encounter at your home and garden. You must of course take extreme care whenever you are handling asbestos and follow the HSE's guidance before placing the material within two sealed bags and transporting to the Waste Station.

  • Gwynedd Council - Caernarfon Waste Recycling Centre has skip for domestic asbestos waste.
  • Ynys Mon Council - Penhesgyn Waste Recycling Centre has skip for domestic asbestos waste.

University Contacts

If you have any concern regarding asbestos or suspect materials stop work immediately and contact Health and Safety (3847) or Property and Campus Services (2783).