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Diving & Snorkelling Safety

Diving is considered a high hazard activity and because of this, work activities are protected by the following specific HSE legislation.

In addition, to ensure the health and safety of staff and students, the University has created specific procedures that must be followed when undertaking diving activities.

The University Scientific Diving Officer is Professor John Turner of the School of Ocean Sciences. All matters relating to scientific diving must be directed to John in the first instance.

Student social diving is managed and controlled by the Students' Union's Sub-Aqua Club. Please contact the Sub-Aqua club for more information.


Although snorkelling is not covered by the same legislation as diving the hazards involved are potentially just as great and thus strict risk control measures are in place to control the risks involved with snorkelling.You must consult the Diving Safety Adviser about all snorkelling activities and follow the CNS Guidance on Snorkelling.

The decision of the Diving Safety Adviser on all matters pertaining to diving and snorkelling is final.