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Statutory Notifications

Many substances, agents, products and materials used in the sciences are subject to strict legislative control and in some cases have to be notified to University Officers and possibly Statutory Authorities. Notification would occur either before materials are purchased/created or to confirm that stock is still being held/used. Colleges / Schools / Departments are required to consult this document (Excel Spreadsheet) to confirm they use/hold any item listed or wish to do so. Written permission is required from the relevant University Officer prior to purchase/use/creation.

It is imperative that the [above linked] Excel Spreadsheet is assessed regularly to ensure suitable notifications have been provided and approval received. Agents/ Substances are listed/categorised as:

Bacteria Groups 4, 3 and 2 

Viruses Groups 4, 3 and 2
Parasites Groups 4, 3 and 2 Fungi Group 4, 3 and 2
Toxins Chemical Precursors
Poisons Explosives
Drug Precursors Human Tissue
Genetically Modified Organisms Radioactive Materials & X-ray

The use of some substances require specific licenses to be in place with notifications given to the relevant Authorities, such as the Home Office, before the substance is sourced/created and used for the first time. To assist this process the University has appointed a number of key staff to handle relevant notifications and licensing, and who will be able to advise on additional controls which may need to be established when using such substances e.g. facilities, equipment and training. 

In addition, it should be noted the use of some substances is prohibited, either as a result of legislation or due to the fact the University does not have appropriate facilities to safely handle the substance, e.g. Hazard Group 3 Fungi. Where a biological agent has been affixed with a * or 1 there may be certain circumstances where the use of that agent can occur outside of the strict HG3 controls (Containment Level 3). Specific authorisation for such use is required and in some circumstances, this may also involve authorisation from the Statutory Bodies.

Colleges / Departments wishing to use substances listed in this document must contact the relevant person (as outlined in the associated spreadsheet) before acquiring, creating or using them. Further information can be obtained from Health and Safety, Governance & Compliance.

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