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Safe Handling in Work- Basic

Training for all undertaking manual handling.

This is basic practical instruction for those undertaking manual handling as a part of their work. It provides practical advice on how to look after your back, know your limitations and identify the best practical means to undertake manual handling (lifting, pushing, pulling) activities.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer courses to non-Bangor University staff.

Who should participate?

This training is suitable for individuals who undertake lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling activities in the course of their day to move objects around.

The aim of the workshop

To prevent injury during lifting and handling at work. Objectives include:

  • Informing attendees that employers have a legal duty to reduce the risk of injury caused by manual handling at work and that part of controlling risks involves training to undertake tasks safely
      a. We do not want people to be injured at work because the consequence causes needless pain and suffering
      b. When people are off sick, they are missed!
  • The session will define what manual handling is and the manual handling health risk factors, then use that definition as the basis for demonstrating safe lifting and handling
  • A simple explanation will describe how the body undertakes manual handling and the reasons for avoidable manual handling injuries

Course Dates

Some Schools and Departments have their own internal trainers, please contact your health and safety coordinator for more information.

If your School/Department does not have a trainer in-house please forward your manual handling risk assessment to so we can advise on training options available.