Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Information for Staff and Students


All members of staff and students have a legal obligation to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and for the safety of others who may be affected by their actions or inactions.   They must also comply with the rules and regulations outlined in the University Health and Safety Policy and other subordinate and associated policies and procedures.  

It is the legal duty of all staff and students whilst at work / study or whilst away from the University on University business or related activities to: 

  • Behave responsibly and to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their work or activities.
  • Co-operate with all staff and students to enable them to carry out their own health and safety duties.
  • Report to supervisory staff any situation, working practice or procedure they suspect is potentially hazardous.
  • Report all accidents and incidents to supervisory staff or other appropriate person(s).
  • Use, but not misuse, protective clothing, equipment or materials provided in the interests of health and safety.
  • Comply with the health and safety rules, policies and instructions, both spoken and written, issued to them.
  • Use machinery, plant or equipment in the manner for which they were designed and in accordance with the appropriate safety precautions.

Any persons contravening these requirements may be subject to University disciplinary proceedings and / or possible legal action by the Enforcing Authorities.