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Vehicle Safety and Undertaking Vehicle Inspections

Who should participate?

Any person nominated by the School/Department to undertake weekly vehicle inspections and basic vehicle maintenance.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer courses to non-Bangor University staff.

The aim of the workshop

To provide sufficient information and knowledge to enable participants to safely undertake basic yet essential safety checks and maintenance of University owned or leased road-going vehicles.

Benefits of attending

At the end of the session you should be able to undertake weekly vehicle safety checks in a competent manner and in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, the Highway Code and appropriate University requirements.


• The background of the Policy and the Law
• A practical session, tyres, fluids and systems
• A practical vehicle assessment
• The record keeping requirements


2 hours

Learning Methods

Theoretical session followed by practical exercises; culminating in a simple practical test.


This course is assessed by observation of practical work and completion of a vehicle safety inspection.

Course Dates

To organise a course for your College / Department or to attend a course please contact us on 3847 or email us at