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Deans of Colleges / Directors of Services

Health and Safety Coordinator

The Dean of College / Director of Professional Services cannot be expected to personally carry out every health and safety function and delegations of  health and safety functions to Health and Safety Coordinators and other members of the College's / Department's staff will be the norm. 

However, the Dean/Director cannot delegate managerial accountability for health and safety within the College / Department.  

Health and Safety Coordinators are members of staff concerned with day-day health and safety matters within their College / Department and will be appointed by the Dean/Director under a clear mandate and terms of reference. 

The Health and Safety Coordinator's primary task is to advise the Dean/Director and others on health and safety matters and to assist with the implementation of the agreed management system. The Coordinator position should be a supportive one within the College / Department and they should be trained, competent and adequately resourced (in time, money, assistance and support) to undertake their role.

Information for Coordinators, including template Departmental Policy, is provided at the dedicated Health and Safety Coordinator website.