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Minibus Safety

Minibus Parking – relocation from Main Arts to Crafnant

Minibuses are motor vehicles that have been constructed or adapted to carry more than eight, but no more than 16, passengers in addition to the driver and are an essential mode of transport at the University, getting staff and students from A to B so they can participate in an array of activities eg Field Trips, Student Volunteer Work etc.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recognise that travelling by minibus is safer than travelling by car. However, if a minibus is involved in an accident there is still the risk of injury and death to not only those in the minibus but also other road users and pedestrians. This means stringent controls must be put in place and followed to ensure minibuses are:

  • Suitable for the activity
  • Insured
  • Maintained and safe to use
  • Driven by someone who:
    • has the appropriate competence and maturity;
    • has the correct Driving Licence categories;
    • and is MIDAS trained (available through the Students' Union)
  • Used safely by those travelling in it
  • Displaying a Small Bus Permit

To ensure the safety of its' staff and students the University has created the Minibus Safety Policy Standard and Procedures. This document addresses the safety issues associated with operating and driving a minibus and should be referred to, in addition to any specific Departmental procedures by anyone undertaking University led activities when using:

  • University owned minibuses
  • Hired or leased minibuses

Please Note

All minibuses used by Departments must possess a Small Bus Permit whilst on University led activities; this permit shall be displayed in the front window of the vehicle.

It is recommended that each Department identify the number of minibuses it may require to operate at any one time and purchase the necessary amount of permits. The Small Bus Permits are available from the Community Transport Association through Health and Safety Services. Permits are time restricted (as shown below) but may be transferred from minibus to minibus.

A number of organisations also provide practical information on the safe use and management of minibuses eg DVLA, RoSPA.

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