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Disability Equality

Meet Dr Julianne Law, Disability Tutor for the School of Health Sciences.

What does your role involve?

It is my job to make sure that all students who have a disability, or who may have a disability, receive all of the services that they are legally entitled to, as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

Why is being a Disability Tutor important to you?

When I was a social worker, I worked with many vulnerable groups of people who needed me to advocate for them so that they could receive services or treatment. I intend to do the same thing for students who have a disability.

Where have you worked previously?

My first full-time job after graduating from Keele University was as a teacher in a High School in Harrow Middlesex. I taught Ceramics, Art and Physical Education. My second job was as a Masters level Social worker, for the Division of Child and Family Services, in Provo, Utah. After receiving my Ph.D. from Brigham Young University in Utah (USA), I was hired as a Visiting Professor at the same institution. I was a lecturer in Sociology and Social Work. Then I left America and came back to live in North Wales. As soon as I came back to Wales, I was able to find a job at Bangor University in the School of Social Sciences.     

What will you bring to this new role?

An enthusiasm and a passion for helping others. 

How can students contact you?

I have drop-in sessions every Tuesday & Wednesday mornings from 11am – 12 noon in my office (Room 322 in Fron Heulog). You can also e-mail me to set up a specific time for an appointment.