Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

What to expect if you take timeout (interruption to studies) from your programme of study

Bursary (36 monthly payments)

  • The NHS monthly Bursary will stop on or as close as possible to the beginning of a month.
  •  Childcare and loan payments will also stop
  • The bursary, childcare and loan payments will only re-start when you return to full time study
  • Any unaccounted for or missing time covered by bursary payments will need to be repaid
  • If not repaid, you may have a deficit when returning to the programme with not enough bursary to cover the remainder of the course
  • For information about the impact on your bursary or loan, please contact Student Finance Wales
  • You should discuss academic implications with your personal tutor and/or course lead

Please note: Any unscheduled absence from placement and/or theory will also be considered and the timeout date adjusted to compensate before the period of timeout. This must be discussed this with your course lead.

All students intending to take time out must go through the Request Centre on My Bangor 

What happens when a date is confirmed?


  • After you have confirmed or decided that you wish to either withdraw or take timeout, you must inform your placements, in person or by telephone.  The placement will then finish.    
  • Any outstanding placement hours and outcomes must be made up prior to recommencing – completed and outstanding hours will be confirmed by placements administrators. 
  • Any to make up placement time is done without bursary payments, unless 4 weeks or more of GP sick notes can be provided.   If not, then the time is classed as absence and cannot be paid.
  • Any extension to bursary can only be requested from Wales Finance upon receipt of 4 weeks four weeks or more sick notes.   This to be requested in writing here

Returning to programme

You should expect

  • A cohort planner 1 month prior to restarting your programme of study.
  • An Occupational Health appointment may be organised for any student who due to ill health.  This can be confirmed and discussed at the timeout interview with the course lead.
  • The University to be informed of their timeout date and return date.

The University will provide

  • A registration link e-mailed directly to the you from the University registration department, not by the School
  • The link will be sent two weeks prior to re-starting, not before
  • You will have limited access to IT/IS facilities
  • It is your responsibility to check if access is adequate for assignment submission, and check with module organisers. More access time can be requested through
  • If resitting the Safe medicate exam, you must contact  2 weeks prior to their exam date

Maternity Leave

  • You are entitled to up to 12 months paid maternity leave
  • See personal tutor or course lead for advice

The School will provide 

  • A Bursary request form sent to Wales Finance by HCS student admin
  • Bursary/ loan and childcare to recommence once the student starts the programme.  
  • To confirm your return to restart loan payments
  • Allocation of new tutor if appropriate
  • Change of modules on Banner 2 weeks prior to recommencing.  This will allow you to register
  • If going directly to placement, you must inform their personal tutor of your attendance.  Registration must be completed before going  on placement

What the School expects from the returning student

  • To confirm your return date with an e-mail on – by telephone will not be accepted as it must be in writing
  • All change of contact details to be communicated to the
  • To inform the School of any change in your circumstance using  - by telephone will not be accepted it must be in writing
  • To complete and submit a new DBS prior to starting the programme.  Failure to do this may mean a delay in you returning to the programme