Jade Swift - Midwifery

Jade is a 2nd year Midwifery student at Bangor University, and lives in Rhyl.

A day in the life of a student midwife during a theory week.

Theory sessions typically start at 9.30am. When we arrive in Bangor usually around 9am we go for a coffee and a catch up with the others in the cohort as for some of us it’s been weeks since we have seen one another due to being in different placement areas.

During a theory week we may have taught sessions from the lecturers enabling us as students to link the theory to our practice. It may be that we have guest speakers from other specialities for example mental health workers, neonatal care staff, anaesthetist’s and also specialist midwives such as those who work with women from the travelling community or with women with substance misuse issues.

We also have sessions in the skills labs where we practice the necessary midwifery skills such as taking bloods, catheterisation, skills for supporting women in labour and more complex births such as breech deliveries.

There tends to be an hour allocated for lunch where we can either do our own thing or we will often all go down to the communal area and eat together. Some lunchtimes are used to meet with our smaller study groups and we will have a working lunch and prepare for our group assessments which are part of each module. The day usually ends around 4.30pm.