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Implementation Research Programme


Critical to the success of implementation is engagement between those who use research, and those who work to generate new knowledge. We have excellent links with collaborators locally, nationally and internationally which enable us to share expertise, experience and know-how in implementation.

International Collaborators


Professor Valerie Wilson, University of Technology Professor Alison Kitson, University of Adelaide Professor Alison Hutchinson, Deakin University Professor Tracey Bucknall, Deakin University Dr Erna Snelgrove-Clark, Dalhousie University Professor Angie Titchen, Fontys University Dr Lars Wallin, Karolinska Institutet Professor Theresa Green, University of Calgary Dr Alyce Shultz, Independent Consultant Professor Marita Titler, University of Michigan Professor Bernadette Melnyk, Ohio State University Dr Martin Charns, Veterans Adminstration & Boston University Dr Cheryl Stetler, Independent Consultant Ms Kara DeKorby, McMaster University Professor Gavin Andrews, McMaster University Professor Ian Graham, University of Ottawa Dr Judith Ritchie, McGill University Health Centre Professor Debra Morgan, University of Saskatchewan Dr Carole Estabrooks, University of Alberta

Collaborators in the UK

Professor Richard Baker, University of Leicester Professor Debra Bick, King's College London Professor Sue Dopson, University of Oxford Professor Carl Thompson, University of York Professor Caroline Watkins, University of Central Lancashire Professor Huw Davies, University of St Andrews Dr Diane Playford, University College London Professor Brendan McCormack, University of Ulster Professor Kate Seers, University of Warwick Dr Sophie Staniszewska, University of Warwick Dr Gill Harvey, University of Manchester Dr Steven Ariss, University of Sheffield Professor Catherine Sackley, University of East Anglia Professor Marion Walker, University of Nottingham Dr Kate Radford, University of Nottingham Dr Pippa Tyrrell, University of Manchester Professor Julia Addington-Hall, University of Southampton Dr Beverley French, University of Central Lancashire Dr Lois Thomas, University of Central Lancashire Professor Anand Pandyan, Keele University Dr Karen Whittaker, King's College London Dr Sarah Elghenzai, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Dr Andy Fowell, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Dr Valerie Morrison, Bangor University Dr Gill Windle, Bangor University Professor Sheila Payne, Lancaster University