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Fire Safety Policy Standard and Guides

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An internal review of University fire safety management and systems highlighted Colleges and Departments found the existing  HSG 28 Guidance on Fire Safety at the University (2008) difficult to use with regards to determining their specific duties for the day to day management of fire safety.


As such, a revised Fire Safety Policy Standard and new associated Fire Safety Management Guides were produced, and which, following much consultation with Colleges / Departments were approved by the University’s Health and Safety Committee in May 2012.


In addition to those general duties in law, the University and its constituent Colleges and Departments, has a specific obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) 2005 to assess the risk of fire to manage fire safety within the workplace.

As such, each College / Department is responsible for managing the risks it creates or introduces for those areas and activities under its control (note:  Property & Campus Services (PACS) is specifically responsible for building fabric and services, similarly for Halls of Residences). This also includes the implementation of and cooperation with safety measures established by the University and Property & Campus Services (PACS) to ensure the health, safety and welfare of staff, students and visitors to their College / Department.

Fire Safety Policy Standard and Associated Management Guides. These documents will better explain College / Departmental roles and responsibilities and ensure the legislative requirements are met, protecting the safety of staff, students and others when working / studying at the University.  

It should be noted the new Policy and Guides will place no additional responsibilities on Colleges / Departments.

Further Information

Colleges / Departments should contact Property & Campus Services (PACS) if they have any fire safety concerns or queries in relation to the management or maintenance of a building’s fabric and services. 

Any queries relating to the day to day management of fire safety or any request for Emergency Procedures and Fire Safety Training should be directed to the Health and Safety Office.