FREE Health and Well Being Courses

EPP Cymru provides a number of self-management course and workshops for people living with any long-term health condition or caring role. These courses provide an opportunity for people to learn new coping skills, which can help improve the quality of daily life.

Chronic Disease Self Management Programme (CDSMP)
Groups of 10-16 participants, with a variety of different conditions, meet over six weekly sessions of 2½ hours per week. They are led through a structured course by trained tutors. Each session looks at ways to help manage the effects of their long-term condition such as:

    • Managing symptoms such as pain and tiredness
    • Dealing with anger, fear and frustration
    • Coping with stress, depression and low self-image
    • Eating healthily
    • Learning relaxation techniques and taking regular exercise
    • Improved communication with family, friends and health professionals
    • Planning for the future

The courses are led by two tutors, who themselves have experience of making life changes as a result of a long-term health condition. The majority of EPP Cymru tutors are volunteers. EPP Cymru courses are run in suitable venues in local communities and are free of charge.

The course does not provide any health condition or treatment information, nor does it look at specific health needs. The aim of our EPP Cymru courses is to give participants the confidence to take responsibility for their own care, whilst also encouraging them to work in partnership with health and social care professionals. What makes EPP Cymru special is the sharing of skills and experience with people who have to deal with the same things as each other.

Some of the Benefits of Chronic Disease Self Management Programme (CDSMP):

People who have been on a CDSMP course have reported an increase in:

    • Self confidence

    • Control of their condition

    • Feeling of well-being

    • Ability to cope

    • Their belief that they CAN DO something to change their health behaviour

    • Exercise & relaxation

    • Quality of consultations with Doctors

They have also reported a decrease in:

    • Pain and fatigue

    • Anxiety, depression and breathlessness

    • Visits to GPs

    • Outpatients visits

    • A & E admissions

    • Hospital admissions

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