Overseas Travel

As a member of University staff or student it is very likely that you will travel abroad during the course of your work or study.   In the event you do intend to travel overseas it is essential that you follow the requirements of the University’s Overseas Travel Policy and plan your trip and prepare yourself accordingly.  The Staff and Students Travel Handbook provides a range of useful information.

The University provides Free Travel Insurance to staff and students travelling overseas on University related business.  When registering for Insurance you will be given a contact number which will take you to GLOBAL RESPONSE who can support you in a medical emergency. Global Response may then, dependent on the emergency forward you to DRUM CUSSAC who support them.  In addition, before travel VISIT the DRUM CUSSAC site for PRE-TRIP TRAVEL ADVICE.

Also REGISTER with DRUM CUSSAC to access the following services:

  • RiskMonitor Traveller –Live Incident Alerts and Country Profiles
  • TravelPrepare – E-Learning Modules
  • GlobalSOS – 24/7 security support and advice

The World Travel Guide Net is another useful tool when planning your trip, including the essential 'Before You Go' to make sure you have considered Visas, Health etc and other things which may have time constraints

Unfortunately some countries and regions may be hazardous for some travellers, for example, lone females, LGBT.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has some really useful information for LGBT and lone female travellers with links to other organisations to help prepare and identify countries and regions which may potentially be unsafe. 

The key stages when organising a trip are:

 STEP 1:


 STEP 2: 

 Travel Insurance (and compulsory Travel Insurance Form)

 STEP 3:

 Risk Assessment

 STEP 4:

 Travel Health Essentials (includes Vaccine information)

 STEP 5:

 Travel Basics


The following are useful sources of information when preparing for any overseas trip.  See STEP 4: Travel Health Essentials for specific links relating to overseas travel health advice, including vaccination requirements.