Looking after your body     

This University is ideally situated for a variety of outdoor or indoor pursuits. Take time out to feel happier, stronger and less prone to fatigue through exercise.

Looking after your body through physical activity is good for lots of reasons and is also good for the mind – offering a welcome distraction from the hurly burly of both working and family life!

Physical activity strengthens the muscles that allow our heart, lungs and circulation to work properly – in doing so the risks of heart disease and stroke are reduced. Other benefits of exercise can help with:

  1. Losing excess weight, and to maintain a healthy body weight.
  2. Protection against osteoporosis ('thinning of the bones'). The pulling and tugging on the bones by the muscles stimulates bone-making cells which strengthens bones.
  3. Exercise also helps the quality of our sleep. Sleep is the body’s way of repairing any defects and so it is ready to fight infection. Aim for 7-8 hours a night and try and keep a regular bedtime.

If you take no exercise at all, try to work up to 30 minutes a day, three days a week. You cannot 'store up' the benefits of physical activity. You need to do it regularly. Get in touch with Maes Glas Sports Centre and arrange for a personalised personal fitness programme (Tel 01248 382571). They have fitness rooms and classes which cater for everyone visit their website.

If walking is more your thing, this page details inter-site, lunchtime and leisure walks to increase your physical activity, and to get you to the recommended 10,000 daily steps.

We also have a dedicated cycling website detailing local facilities including secure storage and showers and even some local routes.