Information for Managers

These pages are designed to direct managers to important information such as policy summaries, to inform you about courses tailored to your needs, and to provide guidance on how to carry out duties relevant to your post.

The Manager's role in relation to:

Information about:


The manager should ensure that the employee receives all necessary information relating to their post: information about the University, information about relevant policies and information about their duties. The manager should also ensure that he/she monitors the employee's performance carefully and that probation is carried out at the end of the first six months of employment. To link to relevant probation forms, click here.

Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

There are different grievance and disciplinary procedures for support staff and for academic and academic-related staff. If possible, concerns should be resolved at a local level and managers can contact HR for guidance. However, if the matter is of a more serious nature, managers should seek advice from HR on how to proceed.