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  • ein myfyrwyr ymchwil cyfredol yn ôl yr wyddor gan ddarparu teitl eu project unigol.

Am ffurflen gais i astudio cwrs ôl-radd, cliciwch yma.

Name Supervisor Title
Andrews, Bridget Sapir, Aylet Perception in Hemispacial Neglect patients
Bagheri, Mansour Cox Miles
Butler, Jodie Lee d'Avossa Giovanni Effects of expectation and spatial cuing on 2-dimensional saccadic eye movements
Deene, Louise Hastings, Richard
Ebanks, Natalie Mills, Debbie Bilingualism/executive functioning/categorisation
Gridley, Nicole Bywater, Tracey Assessing the emerging language in toddlers aged 1-3 years old in the home environment
Hadden, Lowri Bentall, Richard
Hughes, Emma Kate Tainturier, MJ
Hulson-Jones Amy Louise Carl/Richard H
Jones, Alex Ward, Rob Signals of health and socially-relevant traits from the face
Lambert, Katy Hastings, richard Autism and complex learning disabilities
Miller, Claire Shapiro, Kim
Owen-Booth, Bethan Tainturier, MJ Patterns of cross-linguistic treatment generalisation in aquired dyslexia
Parry, Laura Bywater, Tracey
Poliva, Oren (Mr) Rafal, Bob Diagnosing and research a case collicular auditory agnosia.
Reynolds, Andrea Caravolas, Marketa
Stanciu, Andrei Turnbull, Oliver
Tomlinson, Simon Bracewell, Martin Non motor functions of the Cerebellum
Tyler, Emily Hughes, Carl Applied behaviour analysis and reading interventions
Adams, Wendy Tipper ,Steve
Boutonnet, Bastian Thierry, Guillaume
Bailey, Fraser Parkinson, John Motivation and possitive psychology applied to the workplace
Burnett, Katherine Emma Sapir, Ayelet Exogenous and endogenous cueing of spatial and feature-based attention
Cooper, Kirstie Bywater, Tracey Enhancing school readiness among pre-school children
Higueras, Yolanda Boehm, Stephan Psychophysiological investigation of false memories in alchohol related brain injury
Jones, Ceri Christian Hastings, Richard Improving the physical health of adults with intellectual disabilities in a residential setting
Jones, Catrin Hedd Bywater, Tracey Incredible Years parenting programme
Jones, Leah Hastings, Richard Parents of children with autism
Kerai, Julie Leek, Charles Parkinson's disease
Kirkham, Alexander Mari-Beffa, Paloma Cognitive and executive functioning in Parkinson's Disease
Khusnullina, Aygul Mullins, Paul Use of MRI techniques to investigate whether there are differences in the way chronic widespread pain and chronic localised pain is expressed
Kontaris, Ioannis Downing, Paul
Kudlicka, Aleksandra Clare, Linda Cognitive rehabilitation for executive dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease
Lofthouse, Rachael Hastings, Richard Risk markers for offending behaviour in adults with intellecual disabilities
Martyr, Anthony Clare, Linda Executive function and everyday ability in people with early stage alzheimers disease implications for intervention
Mason, Jo Rafal, Bob
Pavlickova, Hana Bentall, Richard
Pawling, Ralph Tipper, Steve Implicit recall of others' prior emotion states: The rold of embodiment
Pritchard, Duncan Hoerger, Maggie
Salas, Chistian Eduardo Turnbull, Oliver Emotion regulation It's neural basis and relationship to awareness of deficit
Salas, Nayme Caravolas, Marketa Spelling development in English and Spanish
Samara, Anna Caravolas, Marketa Implicit and explicit learning in typical/atypical (dyslexic) spelling
Thomas, Paul Raymond, Jane Motivational and emotional effects on visual working memory
Valt, Christian Boehm, Stephan Priming and the medial temporal lobe
Williams, Steven Bentall, Richard Social Adversity, Health inequalities and the development of psychosis
Close, Alexander D'Avossa, Giovanni
Caddell Lisa Clare, Linda
Conlan, Lina Ivanova Leek, Charles
Dering, Benjamin Thierry, Guillaume
Gilder, Thandiwe Heerey, Erin
Harvey, Gareth Intriligator, James
Kramer, Robin Ward, Robert
Oosterhof, Nik Downing, Paul  
Sharp, Kathryn Gathercole, Ginny  
Shore, Danielle Heerey, Erin  
Staiano, Walter Parkinson, John  
Tzanakaki, Pagona Hastings, Richard  
Vinas-Guasch, Nestor Gathercole, Ginny  
Arnold, Pamela Leek, Charles  
Costa, Vera Erjavec, Mihela  
Griffith, Nia Daley, Dave  
O'Brien, Jonathon Bracewell, Martyn  
Parveen, Sahdia Morrison, Val  
Peatfield, Nicholas Intriligator, James  
Roberts, Jennifer Tainturier, Marie-Josephe  
Roberts, Judith Clare, Linda A comprehensive profile of awareness in mild cognitive impairment
Robinson, Julia Clare, Linda  
Savill, Nicola Thierry, Guillaume  
Subramanian, Leena Linden, David Neurocognitve investigations of Parkinsons Disease
Takahashi, Chie Watt, Simon  
Varese, Filippo Bentall, Richard  
Udachina, Alisa Bentall, Richard  
Mike Beverley Hughes, Carl  
Gomez-Cuerva, Julia Raymond, Jane  
Griffiths, Debra Tipper, Steve Priming of rach trajectory when observing actions
Keefe, Bruce Watt, Simon Depth cue integration and the role of uncertainty in grasping
O'Brien, Michelle Daley, Dave Evaluation of self help intervention of parents of children with ADHD
Saville, Christopher Klein, Christoph Individual differences om reaction time variability A combined psychometric and electroencephalographic approach
Tomos, Hedd Thomas, Enlli Semantic categorisation of actions and objects in monolingual and bilingual children
Williams, Karina Morrison, Val  
Wu, Chia Yun Boehm, Stephan Examine the role of working memory as the pathway to the creation of long term memory
Roberts, Mark Thierry, Gillaume  
Slegg, Gary Cox, Miles