Alumni Profiles

Bangor University has almost 90,000 alumni living all over the world, working in every industry you can imagine! We’re proud of all of our alumni’s achievements and love to hear what you have been up to since graduation. Below are some of our alumni’s stories.  If you would like to share your experiences since leaving Bangor, please email:


“My Life Through The Lens”

For more than 35 years alumnus Geoff Tompkinson has travelled the world as a photographer and time-lapse video producer.

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Reichel, Regattas and Rag Weeks

David Walker graduated from Bangor in 1960 with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology. Here he shares some of his memories of his time as a student.

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Alumnus of the Year 2019

Frankie Hobro (Marine Environmental Protection MSc, 2002) was named Alumnus of the Year 2019 during the School of Ocean Sciences’ graduation ceremony.

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Bangor Alumna's Psychology Degree takes her to Facebook HQ

You’ll find Bangor graduates working at every major company across the globe. Facebook, the world’s largest social media company, is home to Susie Thompson, a 2004 Psychology graduate who has found her dream job in California.

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Alumnus of the Year 2018

In July 2018, Gwilym Rees-Jones (Maths, 1963) was presented with Bangor University's Alumnus of the Year award. The Alumnus of the Year award highlights the achievements of our alumni, acknowledging those who have excelled in their chosen career and remain engaged with their University

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China Alumnus of the Year 2018

Prof. Andrew Edwards, Dean of the College Arts, Humanities and Business, presented Michelle Han (MBA, 2004) with the China Alumnus of the Year 2018 award at during an alumni reunion in Shanghai.

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Bangor University / BIBF Alumnus of the Year 2018

Mohamed Al-Mahroos (Banking and Finance, 2012) was named Bangor University / BIBF Alumnus of the Year in September 2018.

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“The first time I ventured outside of my comfort zone”

James McAllister’s degree in English Literature and Journalism at Bangor University as led him into a career in digitalmarketing.

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“My degree really resonated with employers when I was first starting my career”

Hannah Corbett graduated with a degree in Linguistics and Creative Writing in 2013.

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“Studying at Bangor pushed me out of my comfort zone”

Lucy Orchiston graduated from Bangor in 2011 with a degree in Linguistics and the English Language.

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“Life as a student was somewhat idyllic”

A career in electronics followed Dermot Statham’s degree in Bangor

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Thirty Years in the Wilderness!

After studying at Bangor, Chris Yarrow used his love of forestry to set up an award-winning tourist attraction and education centre.

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"Bangor was the place for me"

Paul Southall graduated from Bangor in 1993 with a degree in History and works for the National Trust on renewable energy projects. He also works regularly with the University’s School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography.

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Bangor and beyond

John Graham’s Mathematics degree from Bangor has taken him all over the world.

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Alumnus of the Year 2017

Ray Footman is Bangor University's Alumnus of the Year 2017. The Alumnus of the Year award recognises the achievements, both professional and personal, of our graduates, especially highlighting those who have chosen to remain engaged with their alma mater and give back, either through service, philanthropy, or both to the University.

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Bangor University / BIBF Alumnus of the Year 2017

Mohamed came to Bangor University to complete his BA Hons in Business Studies and Finance in the 2010-2011 academic year and earned an upper second class degree.


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China Alumnus of the Year 2017

Yangjing is the second Bangor University Alumnus of the Year China and the 2017 awardee. Yanjing was the first Chinese student to study Psychology at Bangor University.

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Because of Bangor

Do you feel that you wouldn’t be where you are today without your time at Bangor? Do you have a particular memory of a location or event at the University that has always stayed with you? Did you make friends for life, establish traditions or meet your future partner here?

Read some of our alumni stories on why Bangor University is so special to them and where they are today ‘Because of Bangor’.


Honorary Fellows

An Honorary Fellowship is a highly prestigious award which the University bestows to distinguished individuals who have a connection with the University or Wales, and who have made an outstanding contribution to their chosen field. We are especially proud of our alumni Honorary Fellows. Here are a few recent alumni Fellows.

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