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Jared Cartwright - Sport Science

Summary of personal background and interests

I have always been interested in sports from a young age and that is what has drove my passion towards the field of Sports Science. I am involved in a number of different sports such as football and cricket and am open to try anything and everything.

I have a serious passion for travel and intend to do this once my degree has finished. I am interested also in living and working abroad during my career, and this is what is fuelling my desire to succeed at Bangor so that it sets me on the right path to the future I want.

Reasons for coming to Bangor

I have always loved the outdoors, from a very young age my parents would take us camping and hiking. I am from an area that is quite close to big cities and so I wanted a change from that lifestyle, I love the mountains and the sea and all the opportunities that they bring for new experiences.

Study abroad

How did you hear about study abroad?

I heard about this through the International department's talk that they did during one of my first year lectures.

Had you travelled abroad before?

Yes I have

How did you choose where studied abroad?

I have always loved visiting America, I go there every summer to visit family and it is where I intend to go to work when I finish my degree. Also I chose Maine because I like the colder weather with the mountains and all the winter sports opportunities that brought me.

What were your academic goals for a study abroad experience?

I wanted to enjoy my experience and gain a range of different aspects to different subjects that were available there and to broaden my knowledge.

What were your professional goals for a study abroad experience?

Although I knew I wanted to have a career over there after my degree, I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of moving over there and living there with no regrets. Also I wanted to be able to get used to the culture more over there and to build up experience over there.

What were your personal goals for a study abroad experience?

I wanted again to just enjoy myself, meet new people and gain contacts all over the world. I also wanted to have new experiences and make lasting memories with people I will be friends with forever.

How did you set about meeting other students e.g. joined sport or other organisations, shared interests, engaged with students union?

I met people who I lived with and interacted with fellow students in class. I also joined the soccer team over there and made friends on the team and also got to travel around the North East playing at different Universities.

Future plans

As I have already stated I am wanting to finish my degree and move over to the States to get a job over there. I am wanting to make a career in Sport Psychology and work with a sports team over there (preferably American Football).