Gwybodaeth am Coronafirws (Covid-19)

Myfyrwyr Ymchwil

Mae ein myfyrwyr PhD presennol yn gymuned fywiog a chyfeillgar, ac mae eu diddordebau ymchwil mor amrywiol a diddorol a’u cefndiroedd. Isod ceir rhestr o'n myfyrwyr ymchwil presennol a’r rhai a gwblhaodd eu hastudiaethau gyda ni'n ddiweddar.

Os hoffech drafod eich cais ymhellach, cysylltwch ag aelod staff perthnasol, neu e-bostiwch ni -

Myfyrwyr ymchwil presennol

Enw E-bost Maes/Teitl yr Ymchwil
Abdelkareem, Reda
An Analysis of Strategic Approaches Undertaken within the SME Sector
Ajeeli, Saher Abdulkadhim Mahdi
Intellectual capital and SME performance
Alawadhi, Khuloud M S M Z
Liquidity Risks; Islamic Financial Institutions
Al-Hajri, Sama Nasser S A
The impact of project practices on the performance of public and non-profit organisations
Ali, Mohamed Abdelmonem Zaki
Artificial Intelligence and Banking: Off-Balance-Sheet Activities, Shadow Banking, Securitization and Online Banking
Alroomi, Azzam J. M. A. H.
Essays in Forecasting, Trading and Risk in Financial Markets with predictive & prescriptive analytics methods
Alsaadi, Abdullah Mansour
Corporate Social Responsibility, Shariah-Complience, Financial Reporting Quality, Tax Avoidance and Ownership Structure
Anagho, Philomena Ewomazino
Strategic Knowledge Management and Innovation in Pharmaceutical Industry
Beelitz, Annika
Organisation Legitimacy, Impression Management, Corporate Social Responsibility
Benzennou, Bouchra
Market Microstructure
Cai, Xincheng
Gender diversity on boards in banking and energy sectors
Cardias Williams, Maria de Fatima
Bankers' remuneration and incentive structures
Castellanos, Sergio
Origins, development and effects of consumer credit on British households and the British economy
Closs-Stacey, Sara Cathryn
A Conceptual Framework of Tax Credits: The Claimant's Perspective
Danisewicz, Piotr
Banks branch locations decisions and economic growth
Darsih, Ridhotama Shanti
Does geography influence the banking performance in Indonesia?
Esen, Sefika Betul
Impact of Banks on Regional Economic Development
Fisher, Sara
The Impact of Strategic Planning on Venture Performance: Evidence from Entrepreneurs based in the North West, UK
Gholampur, Soheil
E-Procurement: Benefits, Challenges and Implementations
Gorzynski, Robert Anthony

An experiential approach to strategic thinking: studying the importance of the connection to the natural world and a sense of personal and community identity.

Haf, Sioned
Sustainable Energy
Haines, Ben
Decision making conducted in the consumer environment
Hassanabadi, Masoud
Strategic Thinking in UK High Tech Small Medium Enterprises
Hemmings, Danial Richard
Accounting Communication, Seasoned Equity Offerings
Hillier, Charlotte Mary
Exploring innovation and entrepreneurship in public service provision - the role of organisational culture
Huang, Sheng (Irena)
Banking Competition, Efficiency, Liquidity and Risks
Hughes, Emma Sara
'Frames of reference’, Impression Management and Contemporary Labour Disputes
Hussain, Chris Farouk
Fiscal de-centralisation and Economic management
Iveson, Kieron
Stakeholder perceptions of new electricity infrastructure
Jain, Surbhi
Perceived value and its measurement
Jones, Audrey Elizabeth
Psychological contracts; Theory of equity and personality
Jones, Brian Mervyn
Governance of Collaborative Partnerships and Network in the Welsh Public Sector
Jones, Laurence Joseph Harries

Credit ratings agencies, credit ratings

Klusak, Patrycja Karolina
Regulatory impact of ESMA identifiers on quality of ratings
Litsiou, Konstantia
Consumer Behaviour, Payment Instruments Economic Austerity
Mehl, Miriam
Consumer research, Social identity, Social cognition, Consumer decision making
Nguyen, Anh Quang
Credit Ratings
O'Callaghan, Stephen
Corporate Governance, Agency Cost Conflicts
Onal, Mehmet Maksud
Corporate Governance and Banking
Pancotto, Livia
Towards Banking Union in Europe: Evidence from the CDS Market
Phillips, Christina Jane
Variability reduction in a complex manufacturing environment
Pipatnarapong, Jirarat

Tax Aggressiveness, CSR, and investor decision making

Razak, Rizalniyani Abdul
Consumer Psychology, Online Consumer Behaviour and Social Media
Rouse, Marybeth
Payment systems, mobile payment innovations and financial inclusion in Africa
Sahibzada, Irfan Ullah
Credit ratings and Stock market
Smith, Georgina Vanda
Theory of Planned Behaviour
Tajvidi, Mina
The moderating role of innovation capacity on the relationship between strategic direction and entrepreneurial firm performance: Evidence from high-tech SMEs
Tajvidi, Rana
E-networking and firm performance in SMEs
Uymaz, Yurtsev
Corporate governance in banking: bank performance and ownership structure
Wang, Yizheng
Behavioural Finance; Capital markets
Williams, Nia Wyn
Bank Merger Premiums
Yang, Jingwen (Wendy)
Financial Reporting Quality and Privately-held Firms
Yarahamdi, Hossein
Selection of Strategies for SMEs
Zhang, Shijin
Graduate Employment and Underemployment
Zhang, Yong Rui
Informational efficiency on sports betting markets
Zhu, Dan
Behavioural Finance

Myfyrwyr sydd wedi cwblhau yn ddiweddar

Enw Maes/Teitl yr Ymchwil
Al-Troudi, Wasfi Dividend Policy and Stock Price Volatility in Jordan
Bougioulos, Vasilieios Defining and forecasting success in wage-bargaining negotiations among unions, employers and governments
Breitsohl, Jan Online complaint communication psychology
Buxton, Samantha Modelling and forecasting pharmaceutical life-cycles
Byast, Jenny The influence of managerial demographics on strategic alliance
Chen, Guanyu Essays on financing bank M&A's in East Asia, bank capital requirements and systemic risk
Izadi, Hossein Strategic management formulation process in small and medium sized enterprises: The case of high tech industry in the UK
Jones, Natalie Employee engagement in the Welsh public sector
Kao, Mao-Feng Voluntary appointment of independent directors in Taiwan
King, Timothy Corporate governance in banks and non-banks: Executive compensation, risk, efficiency and shareholder 'voice'
Magro, Paul Hedge Fund performance analysis
Mohamad, Azhar Short Interest and Stock Returns
Osman Salleh, Murizah The inhibition of Usury (Riba Al-Nasiha) and the economic under development of the Muslim world
Salem Al Saeedi, Khawla Strategy implementation challenges in public sector organisations in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Williams, Gwion Sovereign credit ratings in emerging markets