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Module ADB-3104:
Entrepreneuriaeth Cyf & Cwmni

Module Facts

Run by Bangor Business School

10 Credits or 5 ECTS Credits

Semester 1

Organiser: Dr Siwan Mitchelmore

Overall aims and purpose

Rhoi golwg fanwl ar gysyniadau entrepreneuriaeth a swyddogaeth cwmnïau bychain o fewn yr economi. Adnabod pwysigrwydd entrepreneuriaid a chwmnïau bychain fel asgwrn cefn yr economi, a'u cyfraniad i arloesi, creu cyfoeth a chyflogaeth.

Course content

Cyflwyniad i entrepreneuriaeth; Esblygiad y cysyniad o entrepreneuriaeth; Nodweddion yr entrepreneur; Creadigrwydd, arloesi ac entrepreneuriaeth; Rôl entrepreneuriaid yn yr economi a chymdeithas; Entrepreneuriaeth mewn cwmnïau mawr; Mathau o entrepreneuriaeth; Diffinio busnesau bychain; Entrepreneuriaeth yn y dyfodol.

Assessment Criteria


Trothwy: Dim bylchau mawr na gwallau mawr wrth ddatblygu’r wybodaeth/sgiliau; Rhywfaint o ddealltwriaeth o elfennau damcaniaethol/cysyniadol/ymarferol; Rhywfaint o integreiddio theori/ymarfer/gwybodaeth wrth geisio cyflawni amcanion y gwaith a asesir.


Da: Llawer o'r wybodaeth a'r sgiliau perthnasol wedi'u cyflwyno'n gywir gan fwyaf; Dealltwriaeth ddigonol o elfennau damcaniaethol/cysyniadol/ymarferol; Integreiddio gweddol o theori/ymarfer/gwybodaeth wrth geisio cyflawni amcanion y gwaith a asesir; Peth tystiolaeth o ddefnyddio sgiliau creadigol ac adfyfyriol.


Rhagorol: Perfformiad eithriadol, arbennig o ddawnus; Defnyddio'r wybodaeth berthnasol yn gywir; Dealltwriaeth ardderchog o elfennau damcaniaethol/cysyniadol/ymarferol; Integreiddio da o theori/ymarfer/gwybodaeth wrth geisio cyflawni amcanion y gwaith a asesir; Tystiolaeth gref o ddefnyddio sgiliau creadigol ac adfyfyriol.

Learning outcomes

  1. Deall nodweddion entrepreneuriaid o fewn busnesau bach a mawr, a dylanwad arweinyddiaeth a chreadigrwydd ar ddatblygiad entrepreneuriaeth.
  2. Diffinio busnes bach mewn termau ansoddol a meintiol, adnabod y cryfderau a'r gwendidau sy'n gysylltiedig â rheoli busnes bach, ac adnabod y gwahanol ffurfiau cyfreithiol o fusnesau bach.
  3. Dysgu sut i asesu dichonoldeb syniadau posibl.

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight
Exam S1 2hrs 60
Assignment 40

Teaching and Learning Strategy


Dwy ddarlith 1 awr yr wythnos.

Lecture 100

Transferable skills

  • Literacy - Proficiency in reading and writing through a variety of media
  • Self-Management - Able to work unsupervised in an efficient, punctual and structured manner. To examine the outcomes of tasks and events, and judge levels of quality and importance
  • Exploring - Able to investigate, research and consider alternatives
  • Critical analysis & Problem Solving - Able to deconstruct and analyse problems or complex situations. To find solutions to problems through analyses and exploration of all possibilities using appropriate methods, rescources and creativity.
  • Self-awareness & Reflectivity - Having an awareness of your own strengths, weaknesses, aims and objectives. Able to regularly review, evaluate and reflect upon the performance of yourself and others

Subject specific skills

  • Innovation, creativity and enterprise: the ability to act entrepreneurially to generate, develop and communicate ideas, manage and exploit intellectual property, gain support, and deliver successful outcomes.
  • Conceptual and critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
  • Self-management: a readiness to accept responsibility and flexibility, to be resilient, self-starting and appropriately assertive, to plan, organise and manage time.
  • Self reflection: self-analysis and an awareness/sensitivity to diversity in terms of people and cultures. This includes a continuing appetite for development.

Pre- and Co-requisite Modules

Courses including this module

Compulsory in courses:

Optional in courses: