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BA Marketing

This is a provisional list of modules to be offered on this course in the 2020–21 academic year.

The list may not be complete, and the final course content may be different.

You can also view the modules offered in the years: 2018–19; 2019–20.

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Year 3 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Semester 1

  • ASB-3103: Marketing Strategy & Man. (10)
    Introduction and course organisation; Relationship Marketing; Entrepreneurial Marketing; Branding; Creating a Marketing Strategy; Marketing Audit and Tools 1 & 2; Formulating Marketing Strategies; Choosing a Case Study/Small Group Formation; Case study preparation and presentation.
  • ASB-3114: e-Marketing (10)
    Defining the field: Introduction to the module and e-marketing as a strategic tool; E-marketing strategy and the e-marketing environment; Social media marketing; The e-marketing mix; The consumers perspective; The marketers perspective; Online retailing; Mobile marketing.
  • ASB-3122: Intl Business Competency (20)
  • ASB-3530: Brand Management (10)

Semester 2

Optional Modules

30 credits from:

  • ASB-3104: Entrepreneurship Cap & Firm (10) (Semester 1)
    Introduction to entrepreneurship; Evolution of the Concept of Entrepreneurship; Characteristics of the entrepreneur; Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship; The role of entrepreneurs in the economy and society; Entrepreneurship in large firms; Types of entrepreneurship; Defining small businesses; Entrepreneurship in the future.
    ADB-3104: Entrepreneuriaeth Cyf & Cwmni (10) (Semester 1)
    Cyflwyniad i entrepreneuriaeth; Esblygiad y cysyniad o entrepreneuriaeth; Nodweddion yr entrepreneur; Creadigrwydd, arloesi ac entrepreneuriaeth; Rôl entrepreneuriaid yn yr economi a chymdeithas; Entrepreneuriaeth mewn cwmnïau mawr; Mathau o entrepreneuriaeth; Diffinio busnesau bychain; Entrepreneuriaeth yn y dyfodol.
  • ASB-3117: Globaliz'tn & Multin'tl Corp'n (10) (Semester 2)
    Globalisation and its discontent; Engines of growth; Business and the state; Big Business; The Chandlerian firm; Business groups, mutuals and co-operatives; Technology and the digital economy; Business and business schools; Excellent firms - a longitudinal analysis (Presentations).
  • CCB-3202: Ymdrin â'ch Pwnc yn Gymraeg (10) (Semester 2)
    Edrychir yn fanwl ar gyweiriau iaith ac egwyddorion Cymraeg Clir a cheir cyfle i arbrofi ag ysgrifennu darnau gwahanol yng nghyd-destun amrywiol feysydd academaidd ar gyfer gwahanol gynulleidfaeodd. Rhoir arweiniad ar sut i ymgyfarwyddo â thermau penodol gwahanol bynciau. Ceir cyfle i ymarfer sgiliau a fydd o ddefnydd i'r myfyrwyr wrth ddilyn eu cyrsiau trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg e.e. ysgrifennu nodiadau cydlynnus, crynhoi, trawsieithu a chyfieithu deunydd a defnyddir yn eu meysydd cwricwlaidd. Rhan bwysig o'r modiwl yw'r gwaith paratoi tuag at y cyflwyniad llafar (40% o'r marc terfynol) lle ceir cyfle i gyflwyno elfen benodol ar eu maes academaidd o flaen cynulleidfa o ddarlithwyr a chyd-fyfyrwyr.
  • ASB-3400: Law for Business (20) (Semester 1 + 2)
  • ASB-3412: Dissertation (20) (Semester 1 + 2)
    There is no set syllabus. The subject matter can be drawn from any area of accounting, banking, economics, finance, business studies, management or marketing, provided that there is suitable and sufficient reading material available, and a member of staff is available to supervise in the chosen area of study. You should choose your topic in consultation with the module organiser and other members of staff at the start of the academic year.
  • ASB-3509: Corp. Social Responsibility (10) (Semester 2)
    This module involves a visit to an organisation, during which emphasis will be placed upon its CSR strategies. An opportunity will also be available to relate CSR theory to its practical applications.
  • Students may choose from the above list of modules subject to pre-requisites.