Module ASB-3111:
Operations Management

Module Facts

Run by Bangor Business School

10 Credits or 5 ECTS Credits

Semester 2

Organiser: Prof Kostas Nikolopoulos

Overall aims and purpose

NOTE: This module is NOT available to students on BA Business Studies, BA Business Studies and Marketing. BA Management with Accounting, BA Management with Banking and Finance, BA Marketing and BA Business and ICT. To critically evaluate the impact and role of operations management. To explore the wide range of design processes associated with operations management, including service and product design, process design, location, layout design and human resources design. To assess the suitability of operations management tools and techniques and using case studies, equip students to perform analysis of, and make proposals for, the enhancement of business operations.

Course content

Introduction to operation management: OM jobs, processes and techniques; Service and product design; Quality management: defining quality, total quality management (schools and tools); Process and capacity design: process strategies, process analysis tools, process and technology, process reenineering, capacity planning, resource allocation; Location strategies: location evaluation; Layout design: layout options, layout in specific contexts (e.g warehouse, retailing); Human resources and job design: human resources strategy, job design, labour planning; change and development; Supply chain management: supply chain strategies and structures, vendor selection; Inventory control and material requirements planning: inventory models and tools; Scheduling: long and short term, Just-in-time systems, lean production.

Learning outcomes

  1. Explain the contributions that operations management makes to, and the impacts it has on, organisations.
  2. Evaluate the key characteristics of the design of operations management processes.
  3. Analyse supply chains in different business sectors.
  4. Discuss and debate issues associated with inventory control, material requirements planning, and scheduling.
  5. Undertake case study analysis of the operations management processes and function in a business.

Assessment Methods

Type Name Description Weight
Assignment 40
Exam S2 2hrs 60

Teaching and Learning Strategy

  One 2-hour lecture per week.  

Pre- and Co-requisite Modules

Courses including this module

Compulsory in courses:

Optional in courses: