Module QXS-9002:
Academic Writing & Grammar

Module Facts

Run by School of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

1 Credits or 0.5 ECTS Credits

Semester 1

Organiser: Miss Debbie Garlick

Overall aims and purpose

This course, available only to non-native speakers of English, aims to review and develop students English language competence in grammar and academic writing. It enables students to review the English grammar system and to examine the writing process with a view to identifying and resolving individual problem areas. It enables students to become familiar with BU academic writing conventions and thus to perform more effectively in their own research writing.

This is a non-credit bearing equivalent to module QXS4002

Course content

Learning outcomes

  1. On successful completion of this module, students will:

    1. Have improved their ability to organise and write theses and other written academic assignments in correct and appropriate English and according to BU conventions.
    2. Be aware of BU academic conventions in writing and be able to conform to them.
    3. Have raised awareness of personal errors in English and strategies for overcoming them.
    4. Have developed the skill of proof-reading & self-correction.
    5. Be aware of plagiarism and how to avoid it; and be more confident in appropriately incorporating information from source materials into academic writing.

Assessment Methods

Teaching and Learning Strategy


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